Property operations and management.

About Bluesky Management



A fully integrated management and construction company delivering first class customer service for all tenants. 


As a privately-owned and operated management company, our hands-on management style, constant and direct communication and attention to detail distinguish our tenant experience from all others.


All administrative, maintenance, and repair issues are addressed through a sophisticated property management and accounting system. This ensures a timely response to requests and a more comprehensive review of all components of a given issue.


Our core values, coupled with our commitment to continuous improvement have helped us create a pleasant living experience and ensured our tenants are satisfied in their time with us.


These include

  1. Extensive due diligence on tenancy and building structure
  2. Consulting with architects, expeditors engineers and contractors
  3. Overseeing each stage of design and construction
  4. Market the units for lease through our online platform
  5. Screening and approval of new tenants
  6. Address all maintenance repairs and violations
  7. Collecting rents, paying vendors and bills
  8. Filing DHCRs with HPD every year
  9. Overseeing legal cases