Management of unit leasing.

About Bluesky Leasing



With ever-increasing competition in the rental market as the number of online rental sites skyrocket, Bluesky Leasing remains a market leader.


Not all rental sites provide owners with attractive, competitive marketing services; we ensure that the lessor finds the right tenants through an extensive and cogent marketing campaign.


Bluesky Leasing assists in the execution of all leasing activities, from advertising your property online to lease signing. With an extensive network and vast in-house resources, we take care of every step of the leasing process for our clients.


Skip the wait, find the tenant fast.


Waiting for tenants is often a key challenge for landlords navigating the leasing process. Bluesky Leasing’s team of experts in residential and commercial leasing employ an innovative approach, ensuring that vacancies are occupied by the right tenant, fast.


We get to know your property and match it with the appropriate rental market. Going beyond traditional and conventional marketing, we treat our listings with urgency, but never take shortcuts. As a result, you avoid delays and setbacks.


We find the utmost value for landlords and tenants.


In order to successfully market your property, we develop strategies to reach the right tenant at often record-breaking rental rates. Using our centralized and interactive platform, we guarantee the generation of excellent market feedback on all of our listings and leasing activities. Let’s fill your vacancies. Contact us now.