Bridge financing services.

About Bluesky Kapital



Bluesky Kapital is a family-owned direct private mortgage lender providing debt products to owners and investors across the U.S., accommodating the capital needs of a wide range of commercial real estate projects.


With our exceptional knowledge of all major real estate asset classes, we can assist clients in seizing valuable real estate opportunities across the country and are well-positioned to deliver fast and flexible loan products catered to specific, deal-by-deal criteria.


Lasting Partnerships

Our deep expertise as owners helps us act not only as a trusted transactional advisor, but also as a tenacious business partner that knows first-hand the urgency of not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them.



Our commitment to service always puts our clients interests before ours, solidifying our goal of providing comprehensive guidance and the most creative solutions for all real estate capital needs.


Full Transparency

Working with our client’s hand-in-hand, we deliver constant updates and thoughtful feedback throughout our seamless funding process. We prioritize comfort and full transparency in each stage of the transaction and are committed to developing our business relationship for the long term.


Our Promise

With larger partnerships and lasting relationships in mind, we are dedicated to helping you fulfill your goals and providing best-in-class customer service, reliable executions and the resources to perform at the most competitive level.


Programs and Products for a Wide Range of Business Plans

  • Acquisition
  • Fix & Flip
  • Cash-out Refinance
  • New Construction